Celebrating 35 Years of Work

This year at DeVito/Verdi, we are celebrating 35 years in the advertising industry. Over the years the agency has produced a long list of compelling works, some still relevant today. The passion and craft dedicated to these works helped shape the agency as it is today and are still evident in the agency’s creative culture.

We recently had the honor of being featured in issue #376 of Graphis Journal, where different members of our creative team spoke with Graphis about their passion for the industry and reminisced about the agency’s history while sharing some iconic ads.   

Recognized as one of the most exceptional creative agencies in the industry, DeVito/Verdi has been voted “Best Agency” six times by the 4As. The New York-based agency has created numerous award-winning ad campaigns over the last 35 years, and today has expanded its expertise in the digital arena. DeVito/Verdi offers highly innovative client services, including attribution modeling and product development. Its lengthy list of marketing and creative awards includes top prizes at the Clios, Radio Mercury, Cannes, Andy, Addy, and One Show ceremonies.  

– Graphis #376, DeVito/Verdi: Always Keep Working Page 4

The truth is, however, we could not fit all the impactful ads from the agency into just one issue. Check out the main article here: DeVito/Verdi Featured In Graphis Article #376

With just a portion of our larger portfolio featured, here is an expanded look at ads in our timeline that have contributed to DeVito/Verdi’s creative history.  

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