Truth in Advertising can be a dangerous thing

Over the past twelve years, this creative-driven New York ad agency has tended to produce ads that don’t sugarcoat their messages or soften their sharp edges.

Ellis Verdi of DeVito/Verdi: The Future Of Retail In The Post Pandemic World

DeVito/Verdi President Ellis Verdi talks with Authority Magazine for their series “Future of Retail” as he talks about his take of the retail industry in the post-pandemic world.

It's all about the work

Want to create great work? Then you have to hate advertising. You have to hate it with all your heart.

Only You Can Prevent Classroom Fires

“Your work is ugly, badly produced, has no ideas, and will never get you a decent job.”

Selling The Shirt and Bullshirt

Just as his agency specialized in bucking standard practice, Verdi himself prefers the nontraditional route.

Admen Thrive on Edge

When it comes to opportunism, New York’s advertising agencies specialize in it.

The 3 Best digital trends of 2019 - Plus the Top 21 digital agencies, according to designRush

DeVito/Verdi makes the list of Market Trends top 21 Digital agencies according to DesignRush

Meet DeVito/Verdi, the New York agency that is shaking up the Boston ad scene

If you’ve lived in Boston, you probably haven’t heard of DeVito/Verdi. But there’s a good chance that you’ve seen an ad from the New York agency.

What Independent Agencies of the Future Will Need to Compete

It can often be intimidating to be the little guy. The larger players have the big names, the big wallets, impressive offices, big name clients, and, of course, the advantages that come soley with their name recognition. How can independent agencies compete?

Two New York ad men capture Boston's Attention

Chances are you have never heard of Sal Devito and Ellis Verdi, but you’ve probably been insulted or amused by their work.

The Brand Wagon: The Hook, The Line, & Then Unsinkable DeVito/Verdi

If there is one company that’s managed to retain this ‘classic advert’ ideal of ‘bold inventiveness, imagination, originality, and fresh candor,’ it’s Devito/Verdi.”

These Look Like Campaign Ads. But They're Something Entirely Different

The references to border walls and gay rights that appeared on the ads featuring Roger Berkowitz were followed by less presidential fare like opinions on fish tacos and rainbow trout.”

The Story Behind Bernie & Phyl's Sexually Suggestive Ads on The T

If you’ve taken the T the past few weeks, you may have noticed what appear to be, at first blush, giant classified posts from a would-be paramour open to adultery, threesomes, a gay love affair and perhaps even an orgy.

Partnership for NYC Launches Campaign on Coronavirus Fight

New spots back CDC’s guidlines: “Stay home. Stop the Spread. Save Lives.”

Boston Seafood Chain Celebrates legal pot with trippy campaign

A Boston-area seafoods chain is giving new meaning to baked fish. Legal Sea Foods is celebrating the legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts with a psychedelic campaign.

Employees returning to work for former bosses - and loving it

When ad man Eric Schutte wanted to change jobs, the first call he made was to his former boss, Sal DeVito, the co-founder and creative genius behind award-winning ad agency DeVito/Verdi near Union Square.

Can a sexy super bowl ad make a boring t-shirt maker cool?

Can a t-shirt manufacturer known mostly for wholesale raise its profile with consumers with one racy ad in the Super Bowl? Gildan has bet that the answer is yes.

Fashion Advertsing: Controversy, where has it gone?

After shifts from the shocking and suggestive to the socially conscious and aspirational, the fashion industry has entered a new state of advertising: tame.

From 'Fresh Fish' that badmounthed communters to 'Pescatarianism' a New York agency created a long line of memorable campaigns

As Roger Berkowitz hands over the keys to the kitchens at Legal Sea Foods to a new restaurant group, it’s not just decades of family ownership that are coming to an end. The era of those quirky Legal Sea Foods ads might be over, as well.