The 3 Best Digital Trends Of 2019 – Plus, The Top 21 Digital Agencies, According To DesignRush

Emerging technological trends can improve brand awareness and increase conversions. DesignRush determined the top digital agencies who can utilize the latest strategies to grow businesses effectively and DeVito/Verdi has been ranked at #8.

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Bernie & Phyl’s commericals pair bad ideas with great furniture ideas

Bernie & Phyl’s has unleashed a new campaign of humorous commercials filled with dogs, a cat and a heavyset adult entertainer. And they’re all juxtaposed with the “great idea” of buying furniture from the Top 100 company.

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3 groups of people hospitals should target in an opioid awareness campaign

Ellis Verdi, president of DeVito/Verdi, says the Premier Health campaign targets three sets of individuals. 1. At risk Individuals. The first target is people who may be on the cusp of developing an opioid use problem. These individuals may misuse opioids, but have not yet developed an addiction. Ads geared...

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