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It’s estimated that the U.S. will face a total national deficit of 1 million RNs by 2030*

Health system growth, early retirements, and a year of providing care during a crisis have led to these staffing shortages. Hospitals across the country are facing a crisis: they need to hire good people, a lot of them…and fast.


Create a campaign that celebrates team members and boosts their morale. The campaign would focus on recruiting talent in high-need areas while also growing BayCare’s reputation

“BayCare is the only top-performing large health system in America that’s also ranked best to work.”

FORTUNE/IBM Watson Health® Top Health Systems and FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For®

BayCare “Badges of Honor”



Who better to tell the BayCare story than actual BayCare employees – everyone from RNs to food coordinators – to convey the comprehensive culture of the health system. This 360-degree, integrated marketing campaign promotes the pride BayCare workers share. What started out as a much-needed recruitment campaign to attract great people, has turned into a morale-boosting, reputation building sensation in the West Central Florida Region.

Feedback From the Community

I really didn't know anything about BayCare, but these ads definitely sway me to the positive. It seems to be a great facility with staff who genuinely want to be there.

Based on the message, the clinical quality of care is good because BayCare has long term, happy employees. Happy employees are better employees. You want your caregivers to be happy in their work.

I would feel more comfortable in the possibility of being a patient or having a loved one as a patient at a BayCare facility. The ads give me confidence in the employees of BayCare.

I think BayCare would be like an extended family. Everyone is committed to the same goals and working together to achieve them.

BayCare appears to be a team where everyone takes pride in their work. They treat their employees like family.

You want to know that your medical staff is treated with the proper respect. If the staff is happy and enjoy what they do, then everyone involved will have a better experience.

The campaign has been a huge success at driving internal applications. Employees are proud to work for BayCare and with the help of the feedback and response from the advertising, the hospital is able to retain and improve positions. Brand studies also revealed an increase across the board in categories such as Best Doctors, Best Nurses, and Best Overall Quality. Hospital preference also increased in each of these measures, possibly indicating that the Badges of Honor messaging also helped convert those who may have thought “all hospitals are the same.”

It’s determined that this advertising campaign is definitively changing people’s minds about BayCare.

Project Stats


increase in traffic to BayCareCareers.org


increase in unique visits to BayCare.com


lift in brand awareness