The survey by Scoop Technologies Inc. and Boston Consulting Group reveals a significant disparity in revenue growth between companies with flexible work arrangements and those with rigid office attendance policies, with remote-friendly firms experiencing four times faster growth, particularly “fully flexible” ones witnessing a remarkable 21% increase in sales between 2020 and 2022. While acknowledging the financial benefits of remote work, some advocate for returning to the office to prioritize in-person collaboration and company culture, as highlighted by a Mercer study showing higher motivation among employees working in the office four days a week. However, the debate over hybrid work policies persists, emphasizing the need for balanced strategies accommodating both remote and in-person dynamics to ensure employee satisfaction and optimize company performance.

According to Bloomberg news, studies have found that "Sales at 'fully-flexible' employers grew at a much faster rate than those that didn't embrace remote work.

Here is what Eric Schutte, our Executive Creative Director, has to say about the matter:

The pandemic is over, but the world will never return to pre-pandemic norms.

I feel bad for people just getting into advertising and marketing. They’ll never know what it was like to stay late in the office with a whole agency the night before a pitch or be on a shoot without 5 clients and 3 account people watching remotely.

Many of those moments build character and give you the experience to grow and take responsibility.

You need to have the safety net of your CD or manager on Slack or Teams 24/7 to rely on.

A quote by Eric Schutte Executive Creative Director at DeVito/Verdi
The repercussions of this new world may be more profitable on paper but could seriously limit the speed in which employees grow and move up in businesses.”

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