DeVito/Verdi and Legal Sea Foods, a pair responsible for some of the most memorable and talked about advertising in the New England area. As the Legal Sea Foods agency of record for 15 years, DeVito/Verdi has produced and run exciting, sometimes controversial, advertising in pretty much every media market you can think of.

This long standing relationship recently caught the attention of the The Boston Globe and Muse by Clio publications who helped shed some light on the history and range of creative work produced over the years. Check out the articles below:

1. Boston Globe

Boston Globe writer Josh Chesto covered the recent sale of Legal Sea Foods restaurant by taking a look back at some of the key advertising that helped build the brand as it’s known today.

From ‘fresh fish’ that badmouthed commuters to ‘Pescatarianism,’ a New York agency created a long line of memorable campaigns.

Josh Chesto – Boston Globe

2. Muse By Clio

DeVito/Verdi Head of PR Kelly Durcan teams up with Muse by Clio to provide an inside look at the thought process behind some of the most memorable campaigns in the Boston area.

Initially, the ads weren’t intended to provoke or foment outrage, but rather grab attention that would belie the media spend. The strategic approach was unlike anything seen in restaurant advertising.

Kelly Durcan – DeVito/Verdi

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