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Launch a digital campaign targeting those who “hear a calling” to tackle public health issues.

With the pandemic creating a dramatic surge in applications for advanced degrees in global public health, we developed multiple campaigns focusing on a number of critical issues that are likely to resonate with those seeking master’s degree to further their “calling” in public health at NYU School of Global Public Health.


Full funnel effort with a variety of Awareness, Acquisition and Retargeting campaigns. Each using a combination of search, paid social, YouTube pre-roll and streaming services, to make the connection between global public health solutions and such issues as mental health, racism, gun violence, climate change, and vaccination. A total of five campaigns have been rotated throughout the standard and extended enrollment period.

Breaking News

Awareness and acquisition campaign using a real news format.


Acquisition and retargeting campaign featuring the diverse student body at NYU-GPH and the global impact of recent alumni.

Ashlee Wisdom

Retargeting campaign featuring recent graduate and public health entrepreneur Ashlee Wisdom who has developed a healthcare platform for women of color.

NYU-GPH Special Events

Awareness and acquisition campaign promoting online scheduled events hosted by NYU-GPH.

I am GPH

Retargeting campaign featuring a podcast produced by NYU-GPH graduate students.

Project Stats

Moved up twelve places to #19 among the 195 ranked schools and programs of public health.

Set registration and attendance records for boosted online events.


increase in lead volume from search in one month time frame