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Educate the public about the groundbreaking work & superior clinical care that can make a difference in your health care.

We had previously run reputation focused campaigns for Mount Sinai but they had been out of the market for three years and had begun to slip slightly in the minds of consumers. They needed to re-establish themselves as a dominant player in the market.


The goal of the campaign was to provide broad reach supporting awareness of this expertise, across select media to generate scale of communication, of The Mount Sinai Health System’s reputation messaging, “Which hospital you choose can make all the difference in the world”. The campaign featured multiple creative executions across multiple mediums to optimize the reach objective.


Each ad execution played its part of a larger, comprehesive awareness campaign. Ad targeting focused on the New York market, starting with ads on the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North, & New York City subways & buses. TV and OLV centered around the theme “Which hospital you choose can make all the difference.”, with emphasize on the exceptional patient care that the Health System provides through a culture of robust innovation. This campaign increased awareness of Mount Sinai as a top tier healthcare provider in the New York area and improved the perception and reputation of Mount Sinai compared to other competing hospital systems.

The campaign resulted in significant growth across all key measures of response, including branded search volume, visits to website, and new users. Facebook drove the largest amount of users to the MSHS website through video ad formats on the platform. The ads encouraged viewer engagement, as users shared their experiences with specific doctors & procedures. One social comment stood out amoung all others as one previous patient shared, “I love Mount Sinai Hospital. I was born there and “reborn” at this hospital after my heart transplant.”

Integrated Campaign

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increase in website visits to any page


increase in new website users


increase in branded search volume