Château Wines consisted of five vineyards, each with considerable pedigree and quality, but low brand presence or awareness.  The challenge was with five different vineyards and five different brands, a one size fits all advertising approach would not work. 

Many people would rather buy a wine they had never seen advertised, so we had to focus on advertisements that would change perception and not just awareness. We helped capitalize on an opportunity in the wine market to take advantage of a positioning white space: high quality, high class, affordable price.


Targeting the casual wine consumer that is more interested in the branding of a wine than ratings or reviews.


Target the burgeoning segment of mid-level wine consumers. Those who don’t want to drink cheap wine and appreciate high-quality wine but cannot afford expensive bottles.

Dancing Mermaids Rosé

Target wine drinkers in “fun” and less serious situations. Instead of trying to compete as a wine to drink over dinner, establish it as a wine to drink at parties.