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Ellis Verdi speaks with the leader of the most talked-about ad agency in the country today, Reed Galen of The Lincoln Project.

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Advertising in Politics

Created by New York City adman Ellis Verdi, “Selling a President 2020” is a weekly gathering of advertising’s most creative minds– including Linda Kaplan Thaler, Lee Garfinkel and Greg Hahn, chief creative officer at BBDO – to take a critical look and a jaundiced eye at how the presidential candidates are selling themselves as part of their advertising assault on the American electorate. Also joining Ellis will be former NY Times ad columnist Stuart Elliott, as well as political pundits.


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Episode Three: Strange Bedfellows

If campaigns rely on advertising more than ever today, then why is the work being entrusted to those outside the business?

Episode Two: No Room For Nuance

Digital media’s impact on the “packaging” of candidates.

Episode One: Fear Sells

We look at the marketing phenomenon that is Donald Trump.

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