Laurel Road – PR

  • Client: Laurel Road
  • Category: Digital/Social
This national digital banking start-up focuses its efforts on appealing to young professionals who remain saddled with onerous student debt. By offering lower rates and a hassle-free, digital application process, Laurel Road feels it can attract young doctors, dentists, business executives and other (potentially high-earning) professionals.

The objective was to have recent medical, dental, and business school graduates to happily provide us with their email addresses.

Our strategy from a guerrilla marketing standpoint was to get these potential customers as they walked out of graduation – literally. We hired brand ambassadors and equipped them with hand-held photo booths that took five-second gifs of students and their friends/family/classmates as they left their graduation ceremonies. We staked out a number of graduation ceremonies in New York, including NYU Medical School, Columbia Business School, Rutgers Medical School, Einstein Medical School, and Columbia Dental School, where our brand ambassadors descended on graduates and asked them if they would like to pose before our hand-held photo booths. Students provided their email addresses so that we could send them the digital file of their gif. We far surpassed our goal of obtaining 8-10 percent of graduates’ email addresses. As a result, we expanded the program to Northwestern, Stanford and UCLA graduation events in the spring.