Our Top 5 Super Bowl Ads

It is a known fact that people don’t just watch the Super Bowl to watch football. Last Sunday, millions of Americans gathered around the TV to eat good food, cheer on their favorite team and watch popular artists perform at halftime. One of the most iconic aspects of the Big Game however are the commercials. Read on for our personal top five picks:


  1. Audi: “Cashew”



German car giant Audi announced its new era of electric cars at the Super Bowl – by having a man choke on a cashew. And it worked.


  1. T-Mobile: “What’s for Dinner?”



T-Mobile won the Super Bowl with their multiple witty text message conversation videos. This one announced their upcoming collaboration with Taco Bell, in which users receive a free taco at Taco Bell every Tuesday with the T-Mobile Tuesdays App. Yum!


  1. Pringles: “Sad Device Commercial”


Did you know that you can make 318,000 Pringles flavor combos? Neither did we before Alexa informed us that she sadly can’t taste them, stack them or feel the joy that comes with Pringles consumption…watch to see what we mean, and why it worked.


  1. Olay: “Killer Skin”


This made sense while also being the creepiest skin care commercial we have ever seen. In this ad, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s face goes unrecognized upon attempting to unlock her phone – because Olay has transformed her skin beyond recognition. All while trying to hide from an intruder in her house.


  1. BON VIV Spiked Seltzer: “The Pitch”


Mermaids, ‘nuff said.