The new frontier of 15-second television spots

Let’s cut to the chase: 15-second ads are here to stay. Nielsen, the global media, information, and data tracking company, measures that the number of 15-second television commercials increased more than 80% between 2008 and 2012. In today’s digital age, the importance of these 15-second spots not only speaks to a more technologically inclined and apt population of mobile users but also tighter budget constraints and higher production costs.

With traditional 30-second or 1-minute content shifting to shorter spots, ad agencies must respond effectively to deliver the same punch in half the time, according to DeVito/Verdi President Ellis Verdi.

“The use of :15 requires creative focus and a rock-solid concept, but research shows that these ads can be just as effective as a :30,” he said. The use of :15’s has been in D/V’s wheelhouse for many years, even before the digital revolution.

“Our better reel of commercials are :15,” Verdi continued. “No science or technology is required if you recognize :15 as a great length in its own right.” However, the tendency some creative teams have to tackle the :15 only by cutting down or trimming longer spots can be problematic.

“The best advertising requires some degree of surprise and :15 ads get you to that surprise sooner,” Verdi said.

Check out a few of D/V’s reels to see what the element of surprise in 15-second ads is all about.

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