Mount Sinai 2018 Print

  • Client: Mount Sinai Health SYstem
  • Category: Print/OOH
Improving reputation by gaining credit for what you do well, and better than others. This institution performs at the highest level, and at the same time serves the masses. In using mass marketing, they can lose if they attempt to narrow their position based on a thought process that some target group—not related to their particular health need—may be more interested/important than another.

The chosen group typically won’t deliver more business than what’s lost in the targeting exercise. However, in a comparison to others this healthcare institution can be viewed as better at what they do, making them a smarter choice for the masses.

Driving this impression across multiple areas of the Mount Sinai Health System is the basis of our new campaign. The positioning is superiority in many areas, without the need to depend on low-interest award claims, which is all the competition seems to rely on. This work is an evolution of one of the most respected ad campaigns in the industry, in support of the fabulous Mount Sinai Health System. The voice is summarized in the end statement, ‘which hospital you chose can make all the difference in the world.’ Bravo to all involved and more to come!