Meijer Digital Projection

  • Client: Meijer
  • Category: Digital/Social
Despite its popularity in many markets, Meijer struggled to attract consumers located in key mid-west metro markets such as Chicago. To let customers know that Meijer was “Halloween Headquarters,” we transformed the city into a virtual version of Sleepy Hollow, complete with a running of the Headless Horseman. We drove a customized van throughout the city projecting a digital image of the Headless Horseman along the sides of buildings. We posted “Wanted” posters around the city instructing consumers to use their mobile phones to catch the Horseman by texting “He Rides” to a special number. Among those who participated, one winner was chosen to collect a $1,000 reward. That night we received hundreds of text messages and grabbed the attention of local media outlets when several nightly newscasters reported on our campaign.