Legal Sea Foods – 420 “Welcome to Legal” Pot Campaign

  • Client: Legal Sea Foods
  • Category: Digital/Social Print/OOH TV
Legal Sea Foods is welcoming the legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts with a psychedelic "Welcome to Legal" campaign that has all kinds of fun with fishy pot puns.

TV Campaign

The Welcome to Legal campaign is fully integrated effort that uses traditional and digital media tactics to engage and welcome a new audience emerging from the growing cannabis culture in Massachusetts. As a Massachusetts staple, the Legal Sea Foods brand sought to develop an awareness marketing strategy that capitalized on the cultural buzz surrounding the states legalization of recreational marijuana and proactive rollout plan.

Immediately we went to work collaborating with Legal Sea Foods to create an integrated campaign to build excitement, news, passion, and create new customer relationships. We leveraged relationships with multiple location based partners to develop an audience targeting pool that most closely associated with the culture.

Audiences were introduced to the campaign through :30s TV and OOH that featured funny fish puns overlaying psychedelic creative elements. Our digital tactics coordinated with location partners to develop an audience who had recently visited a dispensary or headshop and serve them ads on Facebook and Google networks.

The campaign generated high conversion rates of ~10%, led by an advanced retargeting strategy in Paid Search that serve search ads to an audience who had already interacted with campaign creative on YouTube and Display. The nature of the campaign led to a significant amount of media coverage that supported the overall objective of reach.