Opioid Summit at the White House

Ellis Verdi and Paul McCormick attended the Opioid Summit at the White House last week. There was a lot of positive energy to make sure that something will finally get done about this horrible, horrible situation.


Problem solving at the highest level deserves respect but in this case might need disruptive, big thinkers. What we learned was: A. the desperate nature and depth of this problem, B. the complexity of any solution, C. the random way it chooses its victims, and D. the insecurity of those that seek a resolution. This problem has message challenges relating to those that have not used that need to be ‘scared’, those that are addicted and require sympathy/help and the population at large that need to understand that this can happen to ‘anyone’. The complexities here should compel us all to get behind anyone who can help at this point by looking for new, bold, creative means to an end.