National Holidays – Marketing Scam or Not?

We hope you all had a great 3-day weekend!

Let’s talk national holidays.

Ever wonder how certain holidays like, the ones listed in this blog, are created and the reason behind them? Well, today is the day we will briefly take a look behind the scenes.

National Holidays

BUT before we do, can anyone guess what National Holiday it is today – 02/19/2019? Scroll down to find out.

President’s Day gives you a day off from work/school, but let’s take a moment to discuss the idea of “fake” national holidays which you may or may not be aware of. Although they may not give you the same benefits of an “official” day off, they do give businesses brand recognition and an opportunity to boost sale. Days like, “National Tequila Day”, “National Coffee Day”, “National Donut Day” (see below – deal from DD), or even “National Boss or Best Friend Day” all prompt an individual to perform an action – to shop and purchase a gift for someone on that random day – “just because”.

National Donut Day from DD

Notice how they get you to spend while also giving out something for free? That’s a deal.

Holidays like President’s Day or Labor Day were created to either celebrate someone or to honor laborious work with a well-deserved day off. However, Labor Day now signifies one of the best shopping days of the year. A far cry from the relaxing day it was intended to be for the working class, which is now spent fighting for a parking spot and waiting in lines for hours.

Black Friday Sale Tag from 93.1 WIBC

Corporate businesses take advantage of the fact that people have off on these days and draw people out of their homes under the premise of “fantastic deals”- which may or may not be true deals for that matter. They’ve used their marketing genius to entice consumers to spend money instead of actually celebrating the holiday at home. For instance, Black Friday (above picture credit: 93.1 WIBC), which slowly encroached into Thanksgiving night. It wasn’t long before online retailers cashed in with “Cyber-Monday”.

Mothers Day Sale Example

Mother’s Day (above picture credit: is also a major holiday where shopping is strongly encouraged and recommended. I mean who wouldn’t want to give their mother something nice to show their appreciation because just saying, “I love you” doesn’t quite cut it on this day if it’s not attached to a bouquet of flowers. A woman named Anna Jarvis created this holiday in the 1900 to remember her deceased mother as well as to celebrate all mothers. Soon after, President Woodrow Wilson made “Mother’s Day” a national holiday. We all give thanks to them both for this great holiday but unfortunately, our wallets don’t.

The average American is a consumer. Mother’s Day is just another holiday for businesses to monetize on. From a consumer perspective, it almost feels evil, but from a business perspective, it’s absolutely genius. Even “fake” national holidays have given large and small businesses an advantage over consumers. Hey, it’s National Wine Day, let’s grab a bottle of Malbec and drink it with some friends. It’s Galentines Day, now a Pre-Valentines Day holiday (yes, that’s a thing), let’s buy some extra chocolate and wine to celebrate and appreciate our gal-pals. All these are corporate ploys to get consumers to make purchases.

Do you consider yourself an accomplice or a victim to such marketing strategies?

Answer: Today’s National Holiday is…

National Tug of War Day