Labor Day Weekend Sales: Worth it?

Labor Day – a holiday no one necessarily celebrates, but still, we take the day off. We all end up viewing Labor Day as another Monday no one goes into the office. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau two of the top five year-round occupations are retail salesperson and customer service representative. While the holiday is supposed to honor the hard social and economic work that American workers put into the economy, we somehow allow businesses to lead us to the same place – stores.

Remember when Thanksgiving was just Thanksgiving? Black Friday now starts at 3pm on Thursday. The primary purpose of the holiday is stripped by corporations who know how to reel the average shopper in. Labor Day is no longer about “honoring” the typical American worker. The Holiday Practices Survey found that 39 percent of surveyed employers reported maintaining operations on Labor Day and requiring some employees to work on this holiday. It is clear that not all employees are able to reap the benefits of this nationally celebrated holiday. Additionally, a Bloomberg BNA survey states that 4 in 10 companies require some employees to come into work; while this practice is unfavorable to the worker, legally it is fair.

Marketing teams across the country know how they can take advantage of consumers this weekend. These “limited time offers” won’t last forever, and the typical buyer is going to give in to these sort of tactics. Studies show that Americans prefer to buy bigger appliances, technological devices, and cars during Labor Day weekend. These types of items also have the heftiest discounts. This Labor Day weekend, it seems that mattresses and technology are among the most frequently purchased categories.

Were you a consumer or a laborer this holiday weekend? 

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