Embracing the Role of the Underdog

“Underdogs” are defined as those that are predicted to lose in a struggle or competition. Yet, in the advertising world, it is possible to capitalize and market the underdog effectively so that it succeeds. Here are five things we found about the underdog effect in advertising and how it can succeed its bigger competitors.

  1. An underdog narrative that is grounded in determination and a little bit of hard luck can improve a brand’s attractiveness, relevance, purchase intent, and loyalty.
  2. Many consumers can identify with the disadvantaged position of the underdog and share that same passion and determination to succeed even when the odds are against them.
  3. Underdog companies appeal especially to those in traditionally disadvantaged segments– such as ethnic minorities, women and blue collar workers.
  4. The stronger one’s own sense of struggling is, the greater one prefers to support the underdog brand.
  5. The underdog effect transcends cultural boundaries and resonates especially during tough economical times.

A good example of a successful underdog narrative is our campaign for NEFCU, a credit union in New York City.