DV Women Visit T.J. Maxx’s “The Changing Room”

Last week, the women of DeVito/Verdi attended T.J. Maxx’s The Maxx You Project, “The Changing Room,” which celebrates and examines women making changes and embracing who they are at every stage of life. 

In its third year, the event featured guest speakers such as Lea Michele and Lauren Scruggs, along with panel discussions with everyday women. The pop-up shop included interactive mirrors where patrons could watch and listen to life size videos of real women discussing their stories of change, per the name, “The Changing Room.” On a smaller scale, those in attendance could answer the question “What do you think change will mean to you in six months?”on a postcard, which T.J.Maxx will mail back to them in six months. Upon leaving the event, each person was given a $5 T.J. Maxx gift card.

4 of our wonderful DV women- Iona, Barbara, Melissa, and Angelica

The program is meaningful in that it provides a space for women to hear how change effects fellow peers, while also providing a platform for support through what can often be a difficult process. Yet on top of that, the experience is a perfect example of holistic, interactive marketing. Instead of simply listening to people talk about how change has impacted them, those who attend are required to engage in self reflection – what does change mean to me? What will it mean to me in the next six months? How does that make me feel? The event included both famous keynote speakers such as Michele and Scruggs, but also “real” women. Additionally, the Maxx You Project Group on Facebook provides a platform through which the support and important conversations can be continued.

3 of our summer interns- Annabel, Olivia, and Jessica!

DeVito/Verdi was thrilled to be a part of such a meaningful and important event for all women!