Digital Advertising Need Not Be The Main Focus For Hospitals

Hospital advertisers must be aware that ‘retail’ advertising alone is simply not a viable advertising strategy. We have now witnessed numerous of these ‘retail’ strategies from hospitals. They put all their efforts into strong digital content, attributing this digital spending directly to profit. In reality, we can estimate that maybe 1 out of 8 of these programs work; however, even those that work do not provide enough information to ensure continued success in the future.


Therefore, if each of the 8 programs costs $1 million and only one works, shouldn’t we attribute all $8 million in the accountability model and not exclusively to the retail strategy? They need to stop showing the one successful case over and over again at healthcare conferences, when it is truly an improbable success. It misleads hospital leadership to believe that there is a 100% attribution model for digital/social media efforts. I’m most impressed with those that seek the right balance of general media to digital/social efforts tied to an idea.


Instead of believing this misleading information, hospital advertisers must always remember that:

  1. Campaign efforts should not be driven by media-first or digital-first thinking.
  2. Ideas come first, and a great idea with the right strategy has a much higher chance of working.