Creativity in the digital world by Ellis Verdi

What has happened to creativity in the digital world? Ask an agency to do a great print ad or terrific outdoor board or a smart commercial and few can deliver. The ones that succeed today are awash in planning theory to get to one thought that can be spread across all media. With the least common denominator being an oversimplified, highly targeted banner. Creatives are no longer being trained to push themselves because the solution is inevitably sold by planners and supposed strategists who aren’t really trained to move people. They are trained to sell a logical, rational solution that clients can consume and sell to their organizations. If this continues we will see more and more mediocrity like the New York Times campaign being held up as great because it has a central intelligent thought but unfortunately little passion–and commercials that use production like famous songs that have little connection to an idea instead of a newly inspired creative idea. – Ellis Verdi